This Week In Nosara #3: Small waves, improving weather, mid December’s news & events…

It’s mid December and it’s time for the 3rd episode of This Week In Nosara. Here’s the notes:

:01 – :15: Weather synopsis & quick look of waves
:16 – Xmas parade
:25 – Jimena Ruiz Roja’s, Nosara’s Champion 2x!!!!!! Check this humble ripper out… She’s proving to be an inspiration for kids everywhere.
:40 – Kurzbard Art Show with Jen jamming music
:45 – Caricaco see’s a Bunnywabbit (sorry bad joke, I’m old)
:53 – NCA Race/Walk & cool paths
1:03 – Nosara Security Association says security is a real problem in Nosara
1:08 – The Fiesta’s are back! Expert bull rides happening this week
1:15 – The Sacred Playground’s fun day of events and Dreamcatcher’s are collecting toys for kids ages 6 to 14
1:20 – WCA says stay out of rivermouth, Palm Tree Guiones and Baker’s Beach Guiones looking great, get out there and have some fun
1:35 – Gnome Surf Therapy’s Chris Antao back on Nosara Podcast with Happy Camp updates
1:42 – Nosara Skatepark is happening!!! Everyone owes a huge thanks to Thierry Von Der Weid… Check out for more info about this community project unfolding. I need to get involved more on this one I owe Thierry some return phone calls and messages.
1:53 – Epic beach path to Guiones thanks to Villa Zona Azul
2:00 to 2:15 – Surf conditions on small, clean day
2:16 to 2:35 – N Guiones crew of Cesar, Ron, Patrick, Christina, Tina A
2:36 – Longboard hat goofyfoot fellow & way too many more to mention… Beautiful beach people, cute kids and funny beach dogs, etc e
3:20 cool sliding wave 360’s!!
3:30 – Back to Main Beach Guiones entrance… Fran is there to protect your stuff!!! Bring tips for him he helps us a bunch.
3:40 Evening surf session begins
4:30 Bombero’s putting out beach fires and keeping eye on beach as gets crowded
5:17 cool sunset.. Rain is fading away as the dry season comes in

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