NP #154: Jose ‘Memo’ Guillermo shares heartwarming story about the local library changing his life and opening opportunities for he and his family

Jose ‘Memo’ Guillermo is a fine example of a success story unfolding.

In this episode, we start in Spanish (subtitles available) for a bit then transition into English as Memo explains how the local library, Biblioteca Kitson, helped change and advance he and his family. After attending Del Mar Academy he was introduced to the English classes available at the library. This helped him so much his family decided to go as well, which opened up more opportunities to improve their lives.

We go over his current progress (he’s doing quite well!), his future plans, thoughts about Nosara’s growth, his 3 favorite restaurants, and much more with this outstanding young man.

Memo is coming back to volunteer at the library to help others and he encourages both local Tico’s to take advantage of their opportunities and asks volunteers to come and help teach the classes to locals.

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