NP #139: Nosara road situation update in 8 minutes; Upcoming road blockades & what levels of government we need help from

Horrible road conditions are causing tension amongst Nosara’s residents. So much so, there is a planned protest to block traffic in order to garner attention from the federal and the municipality governmental levels.

In this quick Nosara Podcast episode, Lucca Spendlingwimmer updates us about both the need for higher quality improvements in addition to immediate, necessary assistance from multiple levels of government.

He explains challenges we’re facing with quality of repairs, changing government administrations, in addition to potential help on the way as well as explaining items we should have patience on. The national news outlets are addressing this situation as well.

From Andres Gonzalez on public Facebook group Nosara Pavimento: “Copy this hash tag and share on all government pages!”


We’ll be back in with updates from the road committee soon.

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