NP #123: Nosara’s water permit saga continues: Local architects and their clients prepare for legal action

The water saga in Nosara (and all of Guanacaste) unfortunately continues… As a result, some local architects & their clients are preparing litigation hoping to bring attention to the current water permit situation.

It is a confusing situation for many residents and frequently debated in the community.

One local ASADA, led by the tireless Lili Adams, is trying their best to help everyone involved and answer questions. They strongly disagree with the message and opinions shared by Lucca and Evangelina in this episode.

Here is the most recent ASADA update:

Unfortunately, the current permitting situation is not within their control. The issue is the processing of many ASADA’s capacities through AyA. However, some are unaware this is an AyA level issue, not a decision of a local ASADA trying to block development.

This podcast was recorded in October. It’s now December and unfortunately this issue is ongoing.

The Nosara Podcast episodes are an opportunity for guests to say whatever they wish. The NP’s intention is simply to share what’s happening within the community. Please remember the opinions expressed by the guests are those of the guests and you’re welcome to contact them directly.

All community organizations are invited and we welcome all dialogue concerning Nosara community issues.

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