NP #112: Guardians of Nature is on a mission… And it is working! In 23 minutes Jessica Sheffield updates how Nosara is turning into an ‘innovation lab’ and ‘faith, hope, and strategy can change anything’

In this Nosara Podcast episode Jessica Sheffield updates us about Guardians of Nature and shares her vision of increasing eco literacy throughout Latin America and beyond. The program is working already in Nosara and quickly expanding in Latin America and beyond.

Here’s my notes:

  • Intro… GoN ‘Mom’ and DMA cofounder
  • Nosara is an innovation lab for public schools
  • Importance of trajectories
  • Trees in CR almost all gone by the 1980’s yet CR changed trajectory and is now inventor of ecotourism (will put in map photos)
  • DMA was not intended to ever be an island
  • Local schools in Nosara having impact and ripple effect
  • Step by step… Not 1 huge one
  • Covid, floods, strikes, etc. Really hurt kids
  • Enriching English very important
  • How can people get involved?
  • Can donate time, financially, or preferably both
  • Could Nosara’s public school be model for the world?
  • Faith, hope, and strategy can change anything
  • Local businesses adopted local schools and now composting, recycling, English enrichment, etc.
  • Bram recommendation of book Rocket Man
  • GoN using bottom up approach, not top down
  • Working with government much better in accomplishing greater reach
  • Check site also 501c3 available via Amigos site

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