NP #107: Mary Smathers; Being an author in Nosara, tennis updates, getting people involved in the community, Nosara pros & cons, restaurants, Ostional’s recent increase in activity in 16 minutes

Mary Smathers is an author and active community member who shares her background and recent book launch, provides tennis info and updates, explains how new people can and should get involved in the community right away, what her Nosara likes and dislikes are and updates on Ostional’s recent growth increase.

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Here’s notes from this 16 minute version with Mary:

Appreciates me providing info from somewhere besides social media

I complain about social media not actually advancing our issues.

Mary used to write for La Voz for years when it’s focus was on Nosara. In recent years she’s been working on her novels and her 2nd novel is now released:

Mary’s new book background

Bio info, where her stories originate from, fascination with California history, the story or journey behind the main characters

Tennis brief history and Nosara Tennis Club and most recent tennis tournament.

Shout out to 94 year old Ed Kornbluth and the kids… Lots of friends available from all kinds of various areas in the world and good people to know and ways to learn the community

Mary wants new people to get involved and meet people and interact. Tennis club, Biblioteca, Bomberos, wildlife refuges, etc. Get involved!

Beverly Kitson reference and library history and what library is doing today. Over 25 years with private funds, over 15,000 books in many languages, how library is community center, etc.

Ostional-Guiones seems different worlds. No big growth in Ostional but that’s starting to change. Osti struggles with jobs and that part Of growing is good to help locals. New houses and progress in developments near where she lives.

I ask favorite and least favorite things about Nosara. Pros: Community closeness in helping, amazing restaurants. Negatives: Growth is uncontrolled, safety in traffic, not living pura vida way.

Not leaving Nosara loves writing here and living in other home too.

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