NP #104: Surf therapy in Nosara??? Chris Antao from Gnome Surf says it is happening

Chris Antao is a man on a mission… And it’s a great one. Gnome Surf is already doing amazing things in the US and they are close to getting started in Nosara. Gnome Surf is a 501c3 which focuses on children with autism, down syndrome, ADHD, depression and anxiety to help their happiness and self confidence.

Gnome Surf is is part of the International Surf Therapy Organization and is gaining popularity quickly due to their 100% success rate in improving the lives of their athletes. Celebrities such as former professional quarterback Doug Flutie (yes, that Doug Flutie) as well as larger organizations are starting to support Gnome Surf and Chris plans to keep this momentum rolling right into Nosara in 2021.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Chris.

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