NP #101: Dr. Vanessa Bezy confirms Guiones & Pelada water study results; Asks homeowners for help and community support in this 11 minute episode

*Nosara Times is posting detailed article courtesy of Zacc Pollitt and Mr. Robert Edgeworth… Stay tuned!

Here are notes of the 11 minute Dr. Vanessa Bezy episode explaining conclusive results of an ongoing water study:

  • Introduction
  • Wildlife Conservation Association
  • Brown foamy stuff: Is it algae bloom, tannic water, sewage including fecal matter?
  • How does it feel to be the person to confirm fecal matter is in the water to the community?
  • Some things are unpleasant, but important
  • Which beach area is hit the hardest?
  • has all 3 results WCA Nosara plus follow WCAnosara on Facebook & Instagram
  • How long have you been testing the water?
  • What time of year is worse?
  • What can homeowners do? How to check wastewater treatment tanks
  • Older homes vs new homes
  • Special contained wastewater treatment systems is becoming affordable
  • Is this situation solvable, or is it eco disaster?
  • So is this good news or bad news overall?
  • Thanks to Dr. Vanessa and Robert Edgeworth
  • Costs involved to operate
  • Need donations to operate
  • Does Dr. V view our area better than other areas in Costa Rica?
  • Dr. V’s missing podcast from years ago apology
  • Conclusion

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