NP #99: 20 minutes with Rachael McCrary; Bringing her company’s advanced covid test kits to Nosara, travel these days, life in Nosara, appearing on TV shows and building brands and much more

Rachael McCrary is co-owner of a laboratory based in the US and she wants to help bring her company’s covid testing kits here to help out Nosara as well as other communities in Costa Rica.

In this episode she explains her goals for her company’s test kits, she recaps her visit to the Nosara community testing event, she shares her thoughts about traveling and being in Nosara and discusses differences between life in an urban area vs. Nosara and she shares her personal story and goals.

Her story is an interesting one and I hope you enjoy hearing how Rachael has transitioned from an enterprising teenager raised on the east coast to an entrepreneurial adult who invents and produces products and ideas and frequently appearing on TV shows such as Shark Tank and others to represent her brands.

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