NP #97: Nosara’s November 2020 Flooding; What happened and how can we help?

This episode of the Nosara Podcast explains the recent Nosara flooding and explains how people can help whether in town or out of town. An immense debt of gratitude of course goes out to all volunteers who have been serving the community during this challenging time and everyone donating to help replace houses and provide food and clothing.

Mariju Rovira explains what happened and what’s needed, Andrew Saxton explains what he and the Mercy Home teams plan to do in order to replace houses, and attorney Jose Arce explains the funding setup and operation for donations for the replacement Mercy Homes.

Thanks Andy Marin for editing this episode and Luis from Guiones Transports for several photos

2 Replies to “NP #97: Nosara’s November 2020 Flooding; What happened and how can we help?”

  1. Thanks for the videos! Sadly I expected a but more in depth of “what happened” – ie., since Hurricane Eta was North of us, it rained a lot more North of here – including especially areas like Hojancha and others where the Nosara river starts – and it takes about approximately an hour and a half for rain water to make its way down ; you don’t need local rain to flood – the water will flow downhill to the lowest flood plain.

    The other comment – the video did not seem to explain the organization that Andrew was talking about (Mercy Homes?) nor how to find it – both in the physical world and online (or did I completely miss this?).

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