NP #88: Mid July COVID update for Nosara area from Dr. Alejandro; 2 more cases for Nosara plus much more (English version)

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Dr. Alejandro is back on the Nosara Podcast with mid July COVID updates and advice for residents of the Nosara area.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Significant COVID testing increases (including Nicoya)
  • Changes to our beach access
  • Challenges with epidemiological nexus
  • Total deaths
  • Nicaragua
  • 2 more Nosara cases confirmed (in addition to Barco Quebrado)
  • Throwing of rocks at house of COVID patients
  • The crack down on crowded houses in Nicoya and Nosara
  • Be economical with expenses due to uncertain future
  • We are 2 weeks behind
  • Airports and August 1st plans for reopening
  • Mandatory masks and consistent hygiene measures
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Vaccine timing and ongoing trials
  • Schools reopening
  • Constant changes and ups and downs
  • Construction crews
  • Blood tests, vitamins and supplements
  • What is Dr. Alejandro doing for fun?
  • Are COVID tests available to the public?

*The Spanish version will be posted this weekend. La versión en español se publicará este fin de semana.

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