NP #82: Mr. Steve Reyer from Coconut Harry’s in 28 minutes

Coconut Harry’s Surf Shop is an iconic business in Nosara most everyone knows about and drives by as you roll into Guiones on Ruta 160. Steve Reyer purchased the shop from founder ‘Coconut’ Harry Heinke in 2007 and has been running it ever since. It was nice to get him into the Nosara Podcast studio for this episode and I hope you enjoy hearing from Steve.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Shop updates
  • Coronavirus challenges
  • New surfboards & clothes
  • Borders & beaches reopening
  • Getting angry about our beaches opening later than the rest of the country
  • Pipas & boardroom improvements
  • Steve’s personal journey to Nosara
  • His Nosara dislikes
  • Is Coconut Harry’s for sale?
  • His hatred of dust and our road problem
  • Support for local groups like NCA
  • Steve’s conspiracy theory
  • Is Trump getting re-elected?
  • Steve’s new surfboard
  • Rich using quarantine to get in paddle shape
  • Who ‘drops in’ the most in Guiones?
  • 3 favorite restaurants
  • Who in Nosara does Steve want to meet?
  • Nosara’s growth pattern and thoughts about being different from Tamarindo and Jaco
  • Some shout outs

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