NP #81: Kuki Araya; New Idea for Trails, Beaches Reopening Controversy, Plan Regulador Update, Nicoya’s Mayor & Nosara, and more in 45 minutes

In this episode of the Nosara Podcast, Kuki and I enjoy a lively conversation broaching multiple subjects pertaining to Nosara as of today and our future.

We kick off the discussion about the NCA’s trail system and Kuki shares about the idea of making them a main source of mobility. The idea she explains is to have pathways from Bodhi Tree all the way to the river dike pathway.

Next we talk about why the beaches are not reopened in our area but are open elsewhere in the country. At the moment, this is one of the most pressing issues in our community and hopefully our discussion helps people understand where we are at on this subject. Lots of pros and cons and it is an emotional issue for many people.

Further along in the episode we discuss the Plan Regulador, Kuki’s decision to step down as NCA President as of January, the Nosara Food Bank, how Nicoya’s recently elected Mayor believes Nosara can be a model for the world, whether or not Nosara will try again to break away from Nicoya, some election talk about Trump, the move towards national tourism along with several other items.

There is a great deal more we discussed in depth, but we cut this episode down to 45 minutes to help. I hope you enjoy this episode and it helps in some way. Please send in any and all feedback, both good and bad, and know it is appreciated.

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