NP #76: Jeff Grosshandler assesses Nosara’s economic situation from COVID-19; Explains our current ‘Nosara time machine,’ Making the most of these of these times, a Chamber of Commerce, plus much more.

Today, April 20th is Jeff Grosshandler’s birthday. This means Jeff turns 40 on 4-20, the 4th month of the year April 2020. Seems pretty funny to me. So I figured we may as well release this episode at 4:20pm EST.

In this 40 minute Nosara Podcast, Jeff Grosshandler discusses COVID-19 Nosara today and the future, why Nosara at the moment is like being in a time machine, he shares insights (ex: Don’t make long term decisions based on short term circumstances), advises everyone to take advantage of these moments, and explains how he is happy about an incoming chamber of commerce for Nosara plus much more in this podcast.

Jeff is often a guest on the Nosara Podcast and one of the few people who are willing to speak on camera about controversial topics. Even when we disagree I always appreciate hearing his take on things.

I enjoyed this episode because it was positive and empowering and his vibe was about a community fully working together, friend and foe alike.

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