NP #68: Nosara Coronavirus updates as of March 18th with Dr. Chore from Paradise Medical Services; Este episodio tiene subtítulos en español.

Over the past week we learned a great deal more about COVID – 19 and how it is starting to affect Nosara’s residents and guests. In this updated episode, Dr. Chore Jimenez provides some very clear messages to Nosara residents and current visitors and a great deal of information. He discusses being out in public, the importance of self isolation, hygiene, what makes this virus different from others and why it is not like the ‘common cold or flu,’ who to call if you think you may have COVID – 19, what people who need income from March and April should do, how we should greet one another going forward, plus much more.

Dr. Chore is predicting an outbreak of some sort in Nosara and is adamant residents need to take the right steps to counteract the potential spread of this virus. He consistently reminds us this virus spreads without people even realizing they are carrying it and to not treat this like the ‘common flu’ or ‘gripe’ as we call it here. There are reports the first death in Costa Rica occurred and most professionals are predicting more and doing their best to avoid significant loss by taking the proper precautions.

Here is Dr. Chore’s synopsis: Stay home, stop going out, when you shop please do so responsibly by acquiring 14 days of food and only one family member visiting the store, please stop shaking hands, fist bumping, kissing, etc. and simply wave at someone hello or goodbye. If you show symptoms please stay home and only go to hospital if there is an extreme situation as it is far more dangerous to visit clinics or the hospital and Costa Rica does not have the resources for too many people to crowd the facilities. Call the # 1322 govenment number or Paradise Medical if you suspect a case of COVID – 19. But again, know the best situation is to stay home and do not spread this virus. Prevention is our only solution at the moment. If you must go out in public please maintain space and use proper hygiene as repeatedly suggested.

We discuss when, and when not, to panic. Follow his recommendations in this video and make sure not to treat this as a ‘doomsday situation’ per se.

Dr. Chore approves of the current governmental measures and wishes they would have been implemented sooner. We discuss how restaurants are limiting capacity, bars, casinos, schools, universities and even the country’s borders are closing, and he is hopeful these measures will be of assistance.

One of his major points in staying home unless complete emergency is Costa Rica does not have the resources to handle all of the potential patients. The main solution is bringing down the chances of the virus spreading further so stay put if at all possible.

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