NP #62: Beverly Kitson’s Nosara Podcast Episode; 50 years of life in Nosara

Beverly Kitson is a legendary figure in Nosara everyone should know about. Over the past 50 years, she has seen Nosara form into what it is today.

In addition, as a founder of the Biblioteca David Kitson she has for many years helped the local Tico populace arguably as much as anyone ever has in this area.

The Biblioteca is named after Beverly’s late husband David Kitson. It continues to produce an amazing amount of good for the Nosara community.

It is a privilege to share her Nosara Podcast episode and I’m excited for people to hear her story. In this episode, you are going to hear about and see some pictures of a Nosara from a long time ago.

Take a guess where this is…

I want to thank Beverly Kitson for sharing some pictures from her amazing slide show of Nosara’s history as well as the Nosara Civic Association for their historical photos which can be seen in this episode.

This was standard practice for many of the early Nosara visitors
A copy of the original map showing the proposed golf course holes. Notice the missing chunk of the A section and how most all of the C section isn’t there.
Copy of one of the original advertisements about the Beaches of Nosara

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  1. I am so grateful for your “walk down memory lane” interview with Beverly! Literally, brought tears to my eyes with the flood of memories you brought out throughout your conversation. She is a wonderful lady who I hold in the very highest regard. I used to ride in that microbus btw! 😁….

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