Early 2020 Guiones High Season Surf Session

2020 is off to solid run of clean surf with offshore winds in the mornings and occasionally all day. Early January was pretty small size wise but later in the month the size picked up a bit. So far February has been really fun.

The footage in this video is from a small day and features lots of locals and visitors enjoying a beautiful day on the beach.

Pulling up to main beach… Guess who is under the shirt?
Jayson from Get Hooked
Incoming missile… Duck!!!
Mr. Rick Lambert
CR Champ Dorian styling 10 on the nose
Nelson from Living Stoked cutting back
Chico Surf spreading good vibes
Matteo putting his head into it
Mr. Quinn
Miss Clementine
Mrs. Sullivan
Marq figuring out which peak he is about to dominate
Jumbo enjoying his fish
Louis ‘Deez’ Michael B
Owen came back through town
Elisha and I finishing our session and heading to work
Rick Wilkins is an Olo Alaia staple most every morning

Carlos, Jayson, Prado, Rick L, Chico Surf, Costa Rican Longboard Champion Dorian, the Sullivans Little Quinn, Clementine, Heather, Brian, Fernie, Marq, Natalie, Jim, Alejandro, Luis ‘Deez,’ Owen, and a bunch more all make an appearance in this video. After surf is a quick walk through of Olo Alaia to see what Robbie and Team are up to.

Hope you enjoy this video and see you in the water!

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