NP #57: Ruta 160 Committee Updates on the Nosara Podcast



After years of empty promises and significant delays, it seems there may be hope for the often troubled Ruta 160 improvements. However, there is some confusion amongst Nosara’s residents about what is actually happening.

The infamous ‘Washboard Hill’ is getting the sealant put down
First installments of sealant arrive in Nosara
Traffic jams are getting started with all of the work

In this Nosara Podcast episode, Lucca explains how Costa Rica’s First Lady, Claudia Dobles Camargo, is helping Nosara’s Ruta 160 to remain a focus point and it seems to be helping.

Many residents were under the impression the asphalt itself is going down now… According to Lucca, this is incorrect. Lucca clarifies how a sealant to mitigate dust is the next step which is beginning now and asphalt is supposed to come later after a complicated bidding process.

However, Lucca explains upcoming challenges including an extremely concerning 18 month period between the timing of the sealant and the proposed asphalt. He advises all concerned residents to be prepared to take action on social media in particular if the need arises.

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