NP #43: A conversation with Emily Kwok; A 3x BJJ World Champion, Mom, Wife, Coach, Student, Entrepreneur and aspiring Surfer

Emily Kwok is an amazing human being. Not only is she a 3x World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in multiple categories, she is a mother of 2 (soon to be 3), wife, coach, co-owns a highly successful BJJ Academy, and is studying advanced learning processes and their implementation across all walks of life.

Although she is extremely well known in the martial arts world, I wanted to speak with her more about life itself. In particular, I wanted to understand what makes her operate and succeed at such high levels while maneuvering through life’s challenges. Some of the items we discuss are relationships, family, work, failure, mental, physical and time restraints, overcoming our past tendencies, how to manage expectations, being a good parent, and demanding authenticity in relationships.

Although today it seems Emily is the epitome or living definition of success, this was not always the case… As you will hear in this episode, her growth into who she is now was initiated by overcoming and transitioning significant challenges and obstacles into opportunities.

Oh yeah, she’s also in the process of learning how to surf which is a consistent theme we go back to in the conversation… The manner in which she processes new information, challenges, and failure, all as part of the growth experience is exciting to see. I’m truly enjoying watching her NOT be good at something and seeing what measures she is taking to improve at this foreign activity… It is not every day someone of her caliber is willing to admit she ‘sucks at something’ but works at it right in front of you. Hopefully you feel the same way and incorporate her approach to something in your life; whatever it may be.

She holds very little back in this conversation and I strongly recommend making time to watch and or listen to this one… It is a very special episode and I’m honored Emily chose my podcast to share such personal insights.

I want to thank Gerry Hurtado, Emily’s awesome husband, for everything he does to help the Nosara kids and my family. This is a good man in most every sense and I hope to spend more time with him in the future. Also I want to thank my daughter, Kaiya, for editing the video and audio portions on this podcast. It something she will remember forever.

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