NP #24: Nelson Acosta launches Living Stoked Nosara and shares his story and his thoughts on surf etiquette and Nosara

*La versión corta tiene subtítulos en español.

If you have ever surfed in Playa Guiones you’ve probably seen Nelson Acosta surfing somewhere around the main break. He’s known for his backside attack and overall good vibes in the water. He is a legend around these parts and deserves to be treated with respect.

Often Nelson is one of the guys policing the lineup and making sure people are being kind to both foreigners and Ticos alike. He recently launched his first business venture, Living Stoked Nosara, and stopped by to share his personal story and explain what he’s up to these days. This man has a lot going on in life between a new business, car, getting married, plus more and is worth getting to know.

We discuss the crowds in Guiones, surf etiquette, Nosara likes and dislikes and much more in this episode.

I hope you enjoy Nelson’s podcast and hearing his story. There’s a short version in the link above and a long version in the link below:

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