NP #22: Cristian Zumbado from Nosara Recicla

Nosara FINALLY has municipality service for our trash!

This is a historic occurrence and we all owe a massive debt of gratitude to the many individuals who helped make it happen.

The bad news is we are not guaranteed to have trash service.

In Cristian’s words: ‘Nosara has to prove to the municipality this service can sustain itself.’ This is a 12 month contract and if Nosara residents do not pay for this service, we will lose it. SO PLEASE PAY YOUR TRASH BILL. It is affordable, and all of the details are included in this conversation with Cristian. In addition, Nosara Recicla is offering pick up of recyclables (details in this podcast) at a highly affordable price.

In this podcast Cristian shares Nosara’s exciting updates in addition to his personal story. Along the way he covers instructions for trash, what is actually recyclable, payment details, pickup dates, etc. are all included in this episode.

I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I did. He has a servant’s heart and is trying to make a difference with his life and be a good role model for his child.

Please give this episode a listen and share it with anyone else you may know involved in Nosara. If possible I recommend stopping by the recycling center to get to know Cristian personally. He’s a very kind, sweet man who is doing a job most nobody else is willing to.

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