NP #18: February 2019 Nosara Security Association Update: Call To Action On Private Security Throughout Playas de Nosara

All of Central America, including Nosara, has problems with petty theft. The Nosara Security Association is trying to deter and prevent house break in’s as well as all other types of crime we experience. Private Security is the only real solution we have for this.

In this breakdown Rich shows how the Beaches of Nosara could feasibly link up to drastically decrease crime in our community.

We’ve heard every objection and tried loads of different ways… Private Security is THE only method which works 99% of the time.

Your neighborhood should have a WhatsApp group to link into. Send me a message if you need the info.

If you have a location we can utilize security cameras, please let us know.

These new security cameras like Ring are working extremely well and we appreciate the photos of ‘creepers’ and attempted break-ins. We’ve identified several people already with these so thank you.

Main point: If we have private security in each neighborhood we can eliminate most of the crime we experience.

Please get with your property manager or myself ASAP so connect about linking up your neighborhood.

*I am willing to do a personalized webinar for your neighborhood until November 2019.

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