NP #15: Flying around Playa Guiones and Nosara with Harry from Surf Simply

Many (most) of my podcasts thus far have been pretty serious topics… But not this one. This episode is with Harry Knight from Surf Simply and we pretty much joke around from start to finish. We did a short version and a long one as well. If you want to hear the full conversation hit the bottom link.

Harry is one of my favorite people.

It took me a couple of years to realize this though. At first impression he sometimes may seem overly technical and kind of nerdy. But if you hang in there and get to know him it turns out he’s super funny and likes to joke around and is pretty sarcastic. If you give him enough time you’ll find he’s an open minded, caring person who gladly will explain where he’s coming from on most everything and overall a downright pleasant person to be around.

In this podcast Harry and I joke around a good bit bantering about all kinds of things. We talk about Surf Simply’s new resort, surfboards, flying around Guiones and Nosara, we debated whether England or the US is the bigger imperialist power, education systems, wave pools and solving peace in the Middle East and too much more to mention.

The long version is available here:

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