What is that sailboat doing out there?

If you’ve been in town for the past couple of weeks you’ve probably noticed an enormous sailboat sitting way outside at Playa Guiones. We normally don’t have boats that large come and sit around here for this amount of time. Lots of people have been asking what’s going on with that and why is it here?

Photo: Kaiya

Earlier today I spoke with one of the owners, Liesel, and she filled me in. They are from South Africa and are basically sailing around the world chasing surf. They sailed across the Atlantic, through the Caribbean, passed through the Panama Canal and eventually made their way up here to Costa Rica. Early next week once the winds arrive they are heading up to Tamarindo then across the Pacific all the way to Fiji where they are going to surf Cloudbreak.

Overall my personal opinion is their boat is magnificent and I have massive respect for their ability to navigate the world and am jealous of their financial freedom to do so.

However, I am EXTREMELY concerned about boats motoring in and out of the lineups in Guiones. It is very crowded here and I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Fortunately, these guys are really kind and super experienced with boats moving through the surf.

Pelada or Garza are easier points of entry so it is rare to have a boat of this magnitude out front in Guiones.

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  1. Hey Richard
    I spent a few years living and sailing in the Caribbean in. 42’ Sailboat
    We sailed or motored to the surrounding surf breaks all the time and at no point had any issues
    A experienced sailor will not venture close enough to the break to danger the line up.
    And based on the fact they’ve sailed from South Africa and heading to South Pacific I’d say the captain got this and throw in the fact that they’re Surfers!
    No Worries 🌊

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