NP #10: The Nosara Civic Association Update: A conversation with President Kuki

If you’re not already aware, the Nosara Civic Association is a massive reason our town is what it is today.

In fact, everyone involved in Nosara owes a massive ‘thank you’ to the warriors who fought for and maintained the parklands interrupting our community. They are the reason the Playas de Nosara is free of large scale development and completely unique amongst most every beach town in the world.

However, many would argue we are currently at a tipping point as Nosara’s popularity is skyrocketing and well heeled buyers are arriving unlike anytime before.

Along with growth comes growing pains; and we are certainly having them.

Ethel Araya (most everyone calls her Kuki) is the current President of the Nosara Civic Association and doing an outstanding job. She recently came by for a conversation and provided a complete update on some of the most pressing matters concerning our community.

Make some time to listen to this one if you can.

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