Marlin Bill’s: A Nosara classic, but for how long?

Everyone needs to go to Marlin Bills. Soon. Bill is again thinking about selling his building. This might be negative even though a potentially lucrative business opportunity. Reason being, Bill is a longtime friend to my family and he’s especially close to my son Elisha. In fact, Bill gives Elisha and I cooking classes sometimes on the weekends on the days that he’s closed.

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a horrible cook. Unfortunately my son is not so great, either. Now my daughter, Kaiya, on the other hand is phenomenal cook… As is my boss, otherwise known as my wife, Aimee. But the males in my family aren’t so great in the kitchen.

Fortunately for us, Marlin Bill is willing to coach and give us some insight on how to maneuver around the kitchen. I’m going to put a couple of photos up from the most recent time Bill took us back into his kitchen to show us what is going on.

Very few people understand how a restaurant really works and we count ourselves fortunate to have learned the way the game is played.

My favorite thing about Bills (besides the staff) is the breeze. There’s a little bit of elevation to it and a nice view. Plus up at Bills you always can find people who are in a good mood with extremely consistent food.

So if you’re coming into Nosara this season make sure to check in to Bill’s for a meal or 2. It might be one of the last chances and Bill, Angie, Jerusha, and Miss T are hilarious if you get them going. It’s very easy to make friends just about any time you go to this restaurant.

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