NP #5: Nosara Recicla is asking for some help ASAP from Nosara residents

In this episode, President of Nosara Recicla Veronica Monge stops by to fill Rich in about a very pressing matter. They need signatures from Nosara residents on an important document which will help expedite servicing for trash in the Nosara area.

Veronica will be distributing the document for signatures at key locations throughout town such as Gilded Iguana, Surfing Nosara, Super Nosara, La Paloma, and hopefully a couple of others to be added soon. Time is of the essence on this one though unfortunately.

Her goal is to have the signatures by Monday, November 19. If you can please stop by to sign this document everyone will greatly appreciate it. To learn the details of what’s going on please listen to this episode.

Many thanks to everyone who supports Nosara Recicla and is paying attention to the trash situation in our area. There are many volunteers donating their time and energy who ask for nothing in return. In fact, there is a group of volunteers led by Bobbi Johnson who go every Thursday to help at the facility. Please join Bobbi and her crew if you’re able to do so.

This episode is a shortened version of a longer conversation with Veronica so stay tuned for the full episode in the very near future. In the meantime, if you’re a resident and you have a cedula please sign the document to help us. The high season is coming and along with the waves also brings the tourist and we are going to have trash we have to do something with.

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