NP #4: A conversation with Mike Streda: The Beach Dog Cafe Story and sooo much more.

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Mr. Mike Streda to dig into his story a bit for your listening pleasure. This is definitely one of the more interesting conversations you’re going to hear from anyone in Nosara and I want to thank Mike for sitting down with me and sharing such powerfully personal information. Most of you know Mike as the owner of Beach Dog Café… However, there is so much to him that most people would never even be aware of.

Watch & listen here by clicking this link:

Quite frankly: Mike is a powerhouse of a personality and a constantly evolving human being. We discuss everything from plant medicine to Martial arts to owning and fighting so very hard for success with his business in Nosara. All of this is in addition to a massive, radical personal transformation over the past couple of years.

Really fun times at UFC fight night watching Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov battle. Luckily, I picked Khabib and Mike took Conor. This photo was taken in Round 3 and Mike is looking worried 🙂

We actually had a really tough time editing this because there’s so much… In fact, we actually ignored our entire first recording because the information is so controversial and we’re not sure people are ready to hear it. So we’re probably going to do a part 2 to this episode because the most intense and detailed stuff I’m a bit too chicken to publish just yet.

Lori, Mike’s better half, is a driving force in the ‘new’ Mike

So we hope you enjoy this appetizer of an introduction into Mike. Stay tuned and know there’s a bunch more on the way… Mike is a super interesting guy and there’s more to come in the future. Make sure when you’re in town get into Beach Dog Cafe for a great meal or 2 and enjoy the newer setup.

PS – After this conversation was recorded, I did take Mike up on his challenge to get into BDC and taste his new vegan, bacon infused mini burgers and now I have to admit it, Mike was actually right… They were really good. So Mike I apologize for the ‘vegan food tastes like a shoe’ comment, Mike. You’re onto something and I’ll be back for more!

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