NP #3: Casa Vida Nosara: A conversation with Daniel Valverde

A couple weeks back I sat down with Mr. Daniel Valverde. Dani is the Pastor for Casa Vida Nosara and a very good friend to the Burnam family. Dani has a very interesting story to tell and most everyone agrees he is a high-quality individual.

In this conversation, we covered a ton of ground ranging from how Dani made it to Nosara from San Jose, the incredible luck he has for high-quality surf each year for the annual ‘Jesus Went’ surf contests, his current ministry activities along with the goals he’s trying to achieve, and how he abandoned his studies in architecture to become a preaching minister plus a ton more. Dani grabs a couple of laughs at my expense as I share the most embarrassing surf story I have while surfing in his contest a couple of years back.

Check out some waves from the Jesus Went 2018 contest:

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of serving the Nosara community with Dani in multiple arenas and I’m proud he is here following his heart at the highest level. One interesting thing about Dani is how committed his wife is to the ministry and following their collective true calling. In fact, most of the children in the area Nosara area know ‘Miss Maria Jose’ from her many years teaching at Del Mar Academy and/or serving the community via the many opportunities Nosara provides.  They have 2 wonderful children and they are easily found surfing many mornings in Guiones.

If you’re looking for a church congregation of the standard Christian variety in Nosara you should consider Casa Vida’s 2 options: The English speaking service is on Sunday’s at the main beach in Guiones right in front of the parking lot. The Spanish speaking service is at 5pm at the Casa Vida Campus grounds. Dani’s congregation has a 501c3 qualified donation strategy in place to help with Mercy Homes, renovations, education and scholarship programs, plus multiple natural disaster or other emergency situations.

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