NP #2: Nosara Road Update: Is Ruta 160 going to be paved between Garza and Nosara or not?


If you’ve been to Nosara then you know we have some serious challenges with our roads. Let me restate it to be a little more clear: Our roads are terrible and cars pretty much come here to die. In fact, our dust problems in the high season make it sometimes unsafe to be on or live near the main road, Ruta 160. The primary victims of the respitory issues are local Ticos who live or work right by the road and as Nosara grows the dust problem continues to grow as well.

However, we have been promised and repeatedly told asphalt is on the way for Ruta 160 between Garza and Santa Marta in late 2018. Unfortunately, as I type this of late October 2018, we can clearly see there is little to no possibility of the new road going in this year… Furthermore, it seems like the entire project may have been stalled or possibly terminated altogether. As one might expect, most everyone in Nosara is highly concerned about this and wondering what is going to happen on this controversial subject.

To help provide accurate information on what is going on I sat down with Lucca Spendlingwimmer who is on Nosara’s Ruta 160 committee. Lucca details in this interview the project history of the paving of Ruta 160 and where we are at today.

***Please everyone give many thanks to the volunteers on the Nosara Ruta 160 committee who constantly try to help the residents of Nosara.

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