A New Surfboard Shaper is in Playa Guiones, Nosara: Storm Surfboards

Most everyone around Guiones has already noticed the influx of a new brand of surfboard many of the locals are starting to ride… Storm Surfboards shaped by ‘Wild Bill’ who is originally from Florida. Bill is not someone you automatically assume to be a talented shaper when you first talk to him. He is actually pretty shy at the very first part of your relationship, but once you get to know him and he finds out your passionate about surfboards then he completely opens up. Bill is not your ordinary shaper by any means. He does not care about aesthetics or looking ‘cool’ per se or following the latest cutting edge board off some major manufacturer. Bill 100% understands functionality and fun are the main focus and builds boards for people accordingly.

Bill moved to Costa Rica full time a couple years ago but stayed very quiet about his shaping prowess until he learned the town, it’s people and the waves. Over the past 6 months or so he’s been dropping boards in the hands of local Tico’s in Guiones then on over to some of us gringos. The proof is in the waves as some locals like Chico Lopez have seen significant improvement since becoming a Storm board rider.  29027275_182743752342870_3362420393571737761_n

Several other folks are joining as well:

After becoming friends with Bill he asked me why he only saw me riding longboards in Guiones. I explained to him how I truly love riding shortboards but I have an extreme dislike of sinking or riding a shortboard in waves which you can not actually perform (AKA Guiones 90+% of the time if you’re 6’3″ and well over 200 pounds). Bill asked me if I’d try one of his boards out if he shaped me one and explained how he had a shape in mind he thought would work for me. Of course I happily obliged and jokingly said I’d love to find a ‘daily’ shortboard for Guiones style waves (soft and crowded). This is especially applicable for Guiones’ rainy season (May – Oct) when the waves are too choppy and not clean enough to really enjoy noseriding but they do have some more power and with the right timing and equipment some good wakata’s (Guiones slang for off the lip) and turns can be had.

At this point I thought Bill was a nice guy and all but by no means did I expect to truly love the board and ride it the majority of the time.  As I type this towards the end of October 2018 I’ve only been riding my Storm for the past 60 days or so. Bill shaped me a fish with a quad fin set up I 100% did not expect to work… But it did.

This was my first real turn on a Storm


I love 360’s. I only land them some of the time, but I always have fun trying.

If you’re interested in getting a custom shaped board from Bill I strongly recommend it. He is truly doing it for the love of it and enjoys the happiness his shapes bring far more than any monetary value. That being said… Always support your local shapers!!!

You can check out a couple waves from Chico Lopez, Nelson Acosta, and myself riding a Storm from a rare sunny day early October 2018:


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