When is it going to stop raining in Nosara?

‘The changing of the seasons is one of the best things about living in Nosara.’

 The above quote is something I say a great deal. What I need to add to this statement is that by the end of the season (whether dry or wet) we’re ready for the change to happen. Like now.


As I type this mid October 2018 we are experiencing our 2nd flood of the month. People have been evacuated from their homes and emergency shelters are supplying food and a dry spot to sleep for the many victims of the flood. As usual in Nosara, people are coming together from most every business and area to help others with significant amounts of food, clothing, personal hygiene products, financial assistance, etc.


For those who may not be aware of our seasons: From November through April we have our dry season and May through October is the wet season. September and October are the heaviest months for rain historically and most of the tourist businesses take their much needed breaks and vacations this time of year. Unfortunately, this year there has been a lot of rain in Hojancha which is where the Rio Nosara starts and it has been highly problematic for low areas particularly in Nosara town.

Many thanks to everyone donating towards and helping with the Nosara flood relief efforts!!!


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