Hi! My name is Rich Burnam.

The purpose of this blog is to communicate.

I’m going to be sharing information about the communities we are a part of as well as info about our lives and those around us. Everything is not always perfect in paradise…  But being here is certainly worth it and it most definitely is an adventure as you will see.

My wife Aimee and I, as well as our two children Kaiya and Elisha,  have been living in Nosara, Costa Rica just about 10 years now.  Life down here is certainly an adventure compared to our former lives back in the US.

Over the following months (and years) we will be releasing original content, community discussions, and probably (definitely) some surf stuff from our area. If you’re into it, stay tuned!

In the meantime check out a couple shots of the Burnam’s out surfing on a lazy Guiones Sunday morning.


Kaiya comes out a couple times per year


Aimee always gets the best set waves without fail



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